Greetings! We are Aliments, a mobile application that specialized in aiding Food and Beverage (F&B) services. We hereby approach you due to your renowned reputation as a splendid F&B Service provider.

Allow us to introduce what we do: just as our slogan said ‘Order Made Easy’. Aliments is an app specialized in providing cashless payment and also online ordering. We provide pre-order services for customers to reduce eliminate their queue and waiting time before their food is being served. 

We also have PRIME system that enables us and the respective merchants to establish a promotional packages, each package is custom made for each merchant! 

Aliments has been helping F&B merchants for two years now, and we are receiving positive feedbacks. Some notable F&B merchants that we had, and are still, helping are: Sprezzatura Coffee, famous as a nationwide coffee bean provider, Common Ground, well-known co-working franchise restaurant and also The Times, notable bar and bistro in Kuala Lumpur area.

As we are expanding our application coverage, we had discovered YOU! If you want to know more about us, please do fill up this Google Form and we shall be in touch with you shortly.

We are constantly active and can be approached by the following methods:

We are looking forward on providing you our services and aid your business into a greater height!