Hello Aliments users, feel like wanting to recommend us to your friends? It’s worth doing it because BOTH of you will get the same amount of discount! Win-win for both, so why not? Let’s get started.

First off, you can launch our app (duh!) and look for the three dot icon at the bottom right of the screen; it ain’t that hard to miss, right?

Then, you will see the list showing ‘Referral’ with a love icon at its side. Select that one and start sharing the love!

You will see the large font telling to be able to enjoy saving on your next order. There will be a yellow button showing ‘Invite Friends’, press on it.

After that, you can select a large variety of social media platforms for you to share. Just pick the one you want and select your friend!

Once you select your friend, the message stating they can enjoy RM5 on their first Aliments order will be sent. The message includes an external link for your friend to download Aliments too.

As your friend press on the link provided, he / she will be directed to Google Play Store to download Aliments.

Once the download is finished, he / she can enjoy RM5 discount on their first Aliments order!

What’s best? YOU get the RM5 too! And it’s UNLIMITED!

With every friend you referred making their first order via Aliments, YOU CAN GET THE RM5 DISCOUNTS!

So what are you waiting for? Go and spread out Aliments! Make us viral and cheers for the never-ending discounts!

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