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Dry Bar @ Subang

From beer to wine, from gin to vodka, from whiskey to rum, Dry Bar has it all! Introducing our latest Aliments merchant, Dry Bar, a bar that has it all! With reasonable price, Dry Bar offers us with a large variety of alcohols and liquors. For non-alcoholics, fresh juice and soft drinks are also available […]

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Buena Vida @ Kajang

Buena Vida, which means ‘Good Life’ in Spanish, is operating in Kajang and are ready to give everyone a ‘Good Life’! Offering people with great dining experience, Buena Vida offers a wide range of Tacos and Fajitas (Mexican based cuisine). Common western dishes are available in extraordinary tastiness that will definitely bring you back to […]

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Killer Gourmet Burger @ TTDI

If you are wondering what a burger that’s worth dying for is, you are in luck. We of Aliments team are here today to introduce our proud merchant, Killer Gourmet Burger, KGB! Ranked 15/50 out of all Asia’s Burger Joints (based on international travel website, Big Seven Travel), KGB is seriously worth dying for. As […]

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Take away, beat the HAZE!

AWESOME FRIDAY is back, but with the haze so severe, we can barely see where we go! We of Aliments Team care for our users, so we of Aliments Team are giving out TAKE AWAY PROMOTION for this Awesome Friday!

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Yugami Steamboat @ Sri Petaling

Steamboat, or hotpot, if you prefer to call it, has become a trendy food that people often choose when group gathering is available. Wanna hang out? Steamboat! Long time reunion? Steamboat! Family festival celebration? Steamboat! 

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Udang King @ Mont Kiara

Prawns can be quite common in a lot of Asian cuisine, and yet it can be a sign of luxury as well. Prawns are usually well-known for Chinese families during festive seasons as it signifies happiness and laughter.

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