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COME BACK is real!

Hello merchants! Ever heard of a comeback? YES! COMEBACK! “Awesome Friday” campaign is BACK! Due to the high demand and warm responses from merchants and users, we of Aliments Team had decide to launch yet another “Awesome Friday” with the same drill!

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The AWESOME FRIDAY! Enjoy your meal with 50% off!

Bonjour, Aliments users! Thanks for your continuous support throughout the months. In order to thank you for putting us in your heart all along, we hereby introduce you to “AWESOME FRIDAY”! How awesome is it? Here’s the trick: we are giving 50% discount on ALL MERCHANTS available on Aliments now. What’s best of it? The […]

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BEAM @ Bandar Sri Damansara

Beam, located in Bandar Sri Damansara, is always a hotspot for local coffee lovers. The interior design of the shop is unique and quite out-of-the-world, with urban chic decorations and warehouse themed loft.   The entire building is built by authentic brick walls, equipped with piping on the wall. The wood and metal furniture brings […]

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Sprezzatura @ Phileo Damansara 1

Sprezzatura, 可解作“studied nonchalance”, 中译为:“排练过的即兴行为、熟练的顺其自然”, 颇为玩味的寓意。 位于Phileo Damansara 1 的Sprezzatura, 前门是一整片的落地窗设计。 店员偶有时候会配合节日和促销期在大片的玻璃窗上作画写字,为餐厅增添一丝新意。 店里面的光线充足,不少SOHO一族都喜欢在Sprezzatura里挑个舒服自在的位置, 点上一份的咖啡和甜点,再开始埋首于工作中。

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One-click Payment

One of the core values we set during aliments startup is about “Payment Experience”. We believe a good food ordering platform, shall come with best payment experience as well. As a consumer or user of the ride-hailing app like Uber or Grab. We appreciate a lot of the payment experience offered by these players. Add your card once, forget […]

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Buy1 free1 is back !!!!

BUY1 FREE1 IS BACK!!!! Exclusive for aliments app ordering only. Tips: order ahead to avoid the queue!!! Participant merchant: Sprezzatura Coffee Date: 30/5 ~ 1/6, 12pm ~ 3pm Download app now: #TheFutureOfDining #OneClickPayment #OrderAhead * not available for prime redemption

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