Being heavily populated by working adults, Phileo Damansara is in constant need of food and beverage. One of the most welcomed café is definitely Cafe2U. Being crowded during lunch hour is a norm in this particular café as it serves a large variety of food and with reasonable price.

Cafe2U is one of Aliments’ recent addition of merchant, and the success has been explosive. The convenience provided by Aliments has brought numerous amount of new customers for the café.


The Take Away feature is widely welcomed in Cafe2U as it allows the customers to grab their food and return to their office to work, thus wasting no time to wait for the food. The Dine-in option has saved a lot of time as well as the customers can order via their phones straight without having to wait for the menu and pass up the order sheets.

Cafe2U is one of the many successful cases for Aliments to create wonder in cafes and restaurants alike. The convenience is one of the primary reason that Aliments gains recognition. Every second saved from idle waiting can be converted into productivity, and Aliments is helping the industry as a whole by eliminating the waiting times. For the cafes, Aliments helped them to serve more customers by shortening the time of the customers occupying a space in the restaurant.

We of Aliments are glad that we can help both users and merchants alike with our concept of convenience. We shall keep up the good work to serve more people in a better, greater ways.

Cafe 2 u

Address: G102, Block D, Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 1
Jalan 16/11,  46350, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact number: 012-320 4313

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