Hello merchants! Ever heard of a comeback? YES! COMEBACK!

“Awesome Friday” campaign is BACK! Due to the high demand and warm responses from merchants and users, we of Aliments Team had decide to launch yet another “Awesome Friday” with the same drill!

50% discounts with the promo code: FRIDAY50 

It’s available for all live merchants in Aliments and all items available in the menu, let’s have another great Friday with a greater blast! We thank you all for the warm support last Friday and, who know? With the responses so good, Awesome Friday may be a constant trend in the coming weeks, months, even years!

Besides, “Awesome Friday” has proven to be quite effective to gain new customers for the Aliments merchants. Do you know that we have a ‘Refer-A-Friend’ system that allows both people (referral and the referred) RM5 discounts on Aliments transactions?

What’s cool about this is that there are NO limit of referrals! Meaning that the more friends who used Aliments for their transaction, the more RM5 you will get!

Simply refer to the following link for more details: https://aliments.my/aliments-refer-a-friend-program/

Note that the RM5 discount is not eligible to be used with the “Awesome Friday” Promotion. Save the RM5 and visit your favorite Aliments merchants on a future date to get the exclusive discounts!

May our Friday be Awesome with Aliments’ Awesome Friday! Yay!


*Terms and conditions for “Awesome Friday” Promotion are listed as follow: https://aliments.my/the-awesome-friday-enjoy-your-meal-with-50-off/

For more information, please contact: