Wanna be Awesome for this 11.11? Oh wait, you didn’t even wanted to celebrate 11.11?
Think again!
We of Aliments Team are giving out special discount coupon code from 8/11/2019 to

Promo code: DOUBLE11

Why? Because we hope that we can help you to get your Double!
By applying DOUBLE11 coupon code, you will be entitled for a 30% discount! Discount
max capped at RM11. We recommend you to combine order with your companion to
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a chance’ for you!
May your 11.11 be happy and no longer single!

T&C as below:

  • This promo start from 8/11/2019 (Friday) untill 11/11/2019 (Monday).
  • Discount 30% with no limit of minimum purchase.
  • Discount maximum capacity per order is RM 11.
  • Discount is valid for orders via Aliments Platform ONLY.
  • Discount is available for the first 100 Aliments users from all merchants only.
  • Each aliments user can only use the promo code once.
  • The Awesome Friday Promo Code is not eligible to be used with other discounts and promotions.
  • Discount is eligible only which stocks last (100 units).

For more information, kindly contact us via: