We, àliments team, listen to our fans feedback actively. And today, we would love to introduce a brand new feature in our apps, which is requested by the most of you.

Order Ahead

So, what’s this? With Order Ahead, you can always place your orders prior reaching the cafe/restaurant, and your order is ready when you get there.

For example:

  1. You love to sleep to the fullest and have just enough time to get ready to work. Hence, you order your breakfast, using Order Ahead while brushing your teeth, for you to pick it up while you are on your way to work. No queue, no ordering & payment at the cashier, convenient and save your time!
  2. Is lunchtime now, and you wish to have a cup of hot chocolate. But, you know the cafe will be thronged at this hour. So, being a smart person, you order your hot chocolate using Order Ahead. And when your hot chocolate is ready, you may stroll to the cafe, pick it up, and leave while the people around will watch you with their green and beady eyes.

Why Order Ahead?

  1. You DO NOT need to be present at your favourite cafe/ restaurant to place your orders. Just Order Ahead, it will save your time and hassle, and you can use it anytime!
  2. Having Order Ahead, merchants are able to add values to their business models, hence attracting more customers, having more profit in your pocket.


What are you waiting for? Select “Order Ahead” on the main screen, and your food will be ready in a few clicks, easy-peasy.


* Coming soon to iOS on Monday (12 Feb).

Be sure you update to latest app version to enjoy this new benefit.

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