One of the core values we set during aliments startup is about “Payment Experience”. We believe a good food ordering platform, shall come with best payment experience as well.

As a consumer or user of the ride-hailing app like Uber or Grab. We appreciate a lot of the payment experience offered by these players. Add your card once, forget about it on your future ride-hailing. User focus is on getting from point A to point B, but not about filling in credit card info or SMS TAC on every order.

Same goes for aliments, we believe the same theory shall be applied to food ordering as well.

Last week, we officially roll out “One-click Payment” into aliments app with the help from Braintree Payments. Let’s check out yourself how cool is this by updating your aliments app to the latest version.


How does it work?

For the first-time user / new card:

  1. Check out your order.
  2. Enter card details.
  3. Verify your card by 3DS (SMS TAC).
  4. Your food will be served shortly.

For next order:

  1. Check out your order with existing card.
  2. Your food will be served shortly.



  • Time to made payment:
    • Without one-click payment: ~ 40 s
    • With one-click payment: < 3s
  • Payment success rate:
    • Without one-click payment: ~ 70%
    • With one-click payment: > 90%



One-click payment not only made customer life easier when making a purchase, it also helps us to have higher payment success rate.

This is just a beginning, we are also looking into enabling more advance payment method like Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterPass into aliments app.


Let’s us know what you think, reach us at


* One-click payment only works with the credit card. The debit card will still require 3DS (SMS TAC) due to Bank Negara Malaysia policy.